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If you need to file a claim, you're stressed enough already. Loss is traumatic, whether it stems from a car crash, burglary, or a house fire. So don't fret the details. Ask SE Snyder Insurance Agency to help.


For auto and homeowners claims, you'll need a formal estimate for the cost of recovering from the damage. It's less trouble than you think. Service professionals like roofers and collision experts typically have written up dozens of these estimates.

Trust your Snyder agent to help with the claim process

File your claim directly with your insurer

If you're comfortable handling your claim on your own, most policy providers invite you to file it directly online. For our 3 main insurers, just follow the directions below.


Progressive: Look to the top of the home page and click "Claims." If you haven't used the site before, you'll need to click "Register Your Policy." After that, just follow the prompts. If you carry an iPhone, you can install the Progressive app to initiate claims.


Foremost Insurance Group: Click "Claims" at the top of the page. Locate the right phone number to call your claim in, or for personal lines claims, click the file link.



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Your Quick and Easy Way to Submit an Insurance Claim

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