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Life insurance is complicated. Many mistakenly believe that the only way to benefit is to die, which is admittedly a rather poor incentive. But many life policies not only protect your family should tragedy strike, they also can help out the policy holder.


This is particularly true with whole life policies written by Erie Insurance Group. Whole life policies build cash value. You may be able to borrow against it, for instance, or reduce the future payout to fund care for a terminal illness.

Life insurance policies designed to help the living

Insurance: the best kept secret in financial planning

More and more people are utilizing life insurance and annuities as a major component in their financial portfolios. A cash value policy can in turn let you accumulate savings, offer you tax advantages, and still provide financial security for your family.


Let SE Snyder Insurance Agency customize a plan that perfectly meets your needs. Your consultation with our agent is absolutely FREE, as is your quote for the premium for any policy you consider.

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Whole or Term Life Insurance Protects Your Family's Future

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